April 26, 2015

Become A Xallias Team member

The Opportunity
Create your own business with Xallias. Great products, services and turnkey eCommerce tools will inspire you to turn grow your business. Experience the power and support of an affordable, key-turn technology social media solution, and join a community of team members in more than 25 countries around the world.


Pro Tools  for SuccessOut Team capture
Your own free website – (visit it now at https://yourname.xallias.com) Your Xallias eStore allows you to take your business “international” with just a few mouse clicks. With Xallias’ social media tools and mobile apps you can send exclusive online offers and promotions to everyone you know and those you choose to target. Using Xallias ’s state-of-the-art tools, your personal contacts can easily become your new customers. Your site will be personalized and will feature you as one of our core team members.



A Xallias Auto Blog – auto posts to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. – You will become a social media expert overnight. Our blog becomes your blog. Your blog will look just like the blog on our main site – Blog Capturebut still have unique content based on your region of the world. The result will be an incredible blog that will allow you to become a blogger without getting your hands dirty! By drip-feeding quality content related to any niche I can make your blog stay fresh and updated. Even when you are sleeping!



A Personalized Xallias Facebook Page – tied to your auto blog. You can also post and manage/edit your page to your own taste. Your business has to have a Facebook page these days. Its not a benefit, its an expectation. If you do not have that social media presence, you will be taken less seriously.We will build and host a Facebook Page that will tie back to your business and promote you to keyword  targeted users – getting you directly into their newsfeeds.You can even use our services to build a custom audience of  people interested in your niche in your local area or around the world. You can also embed video and any other photos that you may want on the page.

 xallias facebook


Your own Social Media Marketing Bookstore – with over
download75 ebooks on marketing & social media for sale to your clients. We have selected our favorites in three categories for you to use as income generating sales tools 1) Social Media;  2) General Marketing/Branding;  3) General Business. Titles cover all major social media sites, marketing techniques, as Search Engine Optimization, and business and financial strategies. You get one book free for yourself each month and have the entire collection to sell to your client base.


card-stackYour own Xallias.com sales material – 
  • Your own contact email (your.name@xallias.com)
  • Your own Personalized Xallias.com Business Cards
  • Your own PDF Xallias Brochures


Money &  Rewards
We believe you should have options to earn, with the average active Xallias Representative earning 20% on their personal sales with the potential to earn up to 50%! That’s why we give you 2 ways to sell: online or through building your own pro team. Through your own Xallias eStore and face-to-face through the Xallias brochure and business cards. Online direct delivery sales will help you reach more customers and add to your personal earnings.
It’s even more fun with friends
Build relationships while showcasing your passion for successs. Many people in your social circle may also be looking for an earning opportunity – just like you. Help others start their own Xallias business and you’re building a team – and extra income! They can easily sign up online and you get the credit, earning up to 50% for each Xallias Pro Starter kit you sell.
 Xallias Offers MORE
Few brands command the attention, recognition and smiles of this worldwide beauty leader for more than 125 years. Our reach and reputation makes selling easy. This is a brand that offers an impressive portfolio of iconic products and groundbreaking innovations. There’s something for everyone – from Social Media Automation, to Video Animation, Marketing and Design. This is the brand that’s loved by its clients and customers. Build your business. Build your future.
The Future Looks Strong– Your Future!
Xallias is dedicated to bringing an easy and cost effective social media marketing experience to businesses everywhere. Not just through the power of our products, but with the power of our promise – to help fulfill dreams, meet goals, and empower business owners, and successful. Now that’s Strong!