April 13, 2015


Marketing Websites

Every website we build is designed to increase traffic and convert visitors. These websites are designed with the specific purpose of supporting your marketing goals and maximizing the reach and impact of your brand. Built-in tools for content management and blogging allows you to optimize your website for search engines, integrate your email marketing, and connect through social media.

Our A-la-Carte services for the following are billed out on an hourly basis starting as low as $15/per hour:

Ad Design
As Low as $15
Banner Advertising
As Low as $15
Video Marketing
Starting at $15
Voice Overs
Starting at $15

  • Ask for other services

Monthly Inbound Marketing Packages

An inbound marketing strategy begins with discovery and research to make sure everyone agrees on the destination your business is trying to reach. Business goals can include lead generation, revenue growth, brand awareness, or improvements to customer engagement.

After your strategy and goals are developed, our inbound marketing team will take a flexible approach to executing your strategy – setting monthly priorities, monitoring your results, and meeting regularly to review and adjust tactics as your company grows.

Inbound Marketing Strategy & Inbound Marketing Packages

Depending on your needs, a strategy and setup package can help you:

Develop an integrated marketing strategy tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals
Identify metrics for determining the effectiveness of your inbound marketing activity
Setup and optimize your social media accounts
Setup and configure your HubSpot account
Get your website ready to be transformed into a lead generation machine – with content offers, calls-to-action, and targeted landing pages to convert visitors to customers
Design email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to guide your prospects down your sales funnel

Pricing starts at $1,495

All inbound marketing packages include:

  • An experienced inbound account manager
  • Flexible team of design, content, social, technical, SEO, and inbound experts
  • Setup of marketing automation software
  • Inbound activities customized to your business goalsSocial media management and monitoring
  • Blog optimization and circulation
  • Content offer creation and landing page configurationEmail marketing and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Monthly team strategy session and activity schedule Monthly or Quarterly reporting
Inbound marketing add-ons available:
Logo and brand developmentPrint & marketing collateral design
Video production
Website design & development
A/B Testing for ConversionsCustom corporate training sessions

Social interaction

There’s a conversation happening relevant to your industry, and some of that conversation can happen on your website. Including social media provides the social proof that makes a brand look credible and turns a marketing website into an online networking tool.



Design quality directly affects a visitor’s perception of a company. Great design creates trust and compels action. Every marketing website must:

  • Align with the brand
  • Communicate value quickly
  • Appeal to the target audience


Websites can be confusing. Navigation can be counterintuitive. Visitors are not sure where to click or how to find information. The art and science of making websites easy to understand is called “usability.”

Good usability combines:

  • Placement and prominence of conversion elements
  • Navigation labels and page hierarchy
  • Integration of features

Website visitors should have a frictionless experience. The information a visitor is looking to find on your website should be readily available.

Mobile-Friendly with Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design ensures every page on the website is mobile-friendly. The website detects when a visitor is on a mobile device and adapts accordingly.  In addition to providing the best browsing experience for your visitors, there are other benefits such as:

  • Less work for you. Update a page, and it’s applied on both mobile viewing and full screen viewing.
  • Improved SEO. Google prefers to index one website, rather than a separate mobile website.

Analytics: Measure Results

Ongoing web marketing means continually optimizing and enhancing your website to maximize the return on your investment. The more you put in, the more you get out. Data from analytics should guide the marketing decisions and content changes that produce results.

  • Google Analytics is installed on every website.
  • Crazy Egg can be used for short periods to see where users click on a page.
  • SEOmoz can show a variety of issues or errors related to the structure and content of your website.

Content Marketing Support

We are available to assist with ongoing web strategy, including guidance with SEO keyword research, email marketing, social media, and website content. As an advisor to our clients, we provide strategy, resources and education. We actively transfer knowledge and skills to our clients whenever possible.

A marketing site built by Xallias is the ultimate tool for web marketing. The key is to plan, design, and build the site with results in mind. This means aligning design elements, features, and content with the goals of getting traffic and converting visitors into leads and customers.