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$397.00 / month

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Product Description

Social media Profiles created and managed on all of the major social networks
Create, Manage & Automate your Blog
Automated Blog Postings
Content Creation (7 / Week)
Analytic Reporting (2 / Mo.)
Competitor Analysis Report
Facebook Ad Spend $100.00 / mo.
Community Engagement (5 Posts / Week)
Paid Advertising Mgmt. (3 Campaigns)
Interaction Management
Spam Monitoring
Targeted Press Releases
All clients receive a custom content strategy for their business. The first part of our content creation process is to perform an in- depth research analysis of your industry. This gives us the opportunity to fully understand your business’s marketplace. After researching the client’s industry, the account manager will begin to create content for your business. The content or “posts” will all contain a line or two of text followed by either an article, high quality picture or video. All of our content is clean, professional and relevant. We highly encourage our clients to provide any content such as articles, pictures or videos to their account manager through the dashboard, however, it is NOT required to provide content.Analytic Reporting

All Starter & Professional clients receive an analytic report on the 1st of each month. All Premier and Enterprise clients receive an analytic report on the 1st and 15th of every month. The analytic report is an in-depth analysis of the work that has been performed over the specific time period. Everything from growth & engagement to negative feedback & spam is measured. The team will then use the analytic report to refine the strategy for the next month.

Competitor Analysis Report

All clients are provided a social media competitor analysis report within the first 2 weeks of their plan. Your account manager will ask you for 5-8 competitors that have a similar social media presence to your business. The competitor analysis report will show where your business stands against your competitors on social media. The goal of this report is to capture the positive and negative aspects of your competitor’s social media strategy and use this information when forming your custom strategy.

Community Engagement

With the Professional, Premier and Enterprise plan, we grow our clients social media pages completely organically. Community outreach is the process of us going through communities, groups and other webpages related to your business’ industry and engaging with other individuals in that specific group. The goal of community outreach is to engage these highly targeted potential customers in these specific groups and get them back to our clients social media pages.

Paid Advertising Management

In our Professional, Premier and Enterprise plans, we build and manage your ads. We strive to have a low cost per like/follow/lead to get the most ROI out of your advertising budget. We provide weekly ad reports to all clients with an advertising budget.

Interaction Management

Each client on the Premier or Enterprise plan will receive full interaction management. Interaction management is the process of responding to fans questions or comments on all social channels, monitoring spam heavily and engaging on-page with fans and followers. This includes asking fans & followers questions and making comments. This is extremely beneficial for businesses that have low page engagement and would like to increase the on-page engagement. The Starter and Professional plan also receive interaction management, however, the interaction is not daily and full time.

Spam Monitoring

No matter what, spam is unavoidable on the internet and that includes social media. Our responsibility is to keep your social media accounts clean and professional, which is why we monitor your social media for bot posts and negative individuals. We also monitor your channels to make sure competitors in the same industry do not use your page as advertising space.

Social Channel Design

All clients have the opportunity to receive full social channel redesign. We will update the images on your social channels to look well branded and professional. It is very important to have all social channels look clean and professional  with the same texture, color and pattern. The cost for full social channel design is $100.00

Facebook Advertising Coupon

With every plan, each client receives a paid advertising budget for Facebook. Our advertising team will design and build the advertisements towards the business’ target market. Paid advertising analytic reports are provided for our Professional, Premier and Enterprise clients.

Social Media Lead Capture

Social media is now a key place to capture highly targeted leads for your business. With our Facebook lead capture technology we will build targeted advertisements designed specifically to capture targeted leads for your business. It is required that you have a landing page to take advantage of this service feature. However, if you do not have a landing page, our experts will design you a conversion friendly, professional landing page for an additional cost. We can capture targeted leads in any business in any vertical.

Google+ Keyword Optimization

Having a Google+ business page is absolutely essential for businesses that have a website. For businesses that are working on Search Engine Optimization to improve the search results of their website, Google+ is a great place to optimize keywords and help improve website ranking. Our account managers will discuss with you the specific keywords related to your business that would help the search engines index your Google+ page. Once the keywords have been approved, the account manager will create content including these specific keywords in the Google+ posts.

Facebook Tab Creation

It is essential for businesses to have well branded, professional looking Facebook pages. We will create custom Facebook tabs for your business Facebook page. If you have a landing page to capture emails or subscribers, we will integrate that landing page into your Facebook tabs.

Social Media Contest Management

As marketers embrace their social media skills, they are upping their level of consumer engagement with contests. Among their benefits, social media contests can be a cost-effective means of generating e-mail lists, as well as creating brand awareness, new sales, and customer loyalty. Under the Enterprise package your account manager will setup and run these social media contests for your business.

What is the duration of the setup process?

The setup process for all clients generally takes 1-2 business days. After the setup process is complete, the content and growth strategies will begin.